Rescue AlertMedical alert systems have gained immense popularity in recent times thanks to the aging population across United States. You will also find several choices in the market. Most companies get their equipment from a third party supplier and operate a call center that offers the monitoring and support. This is where the company differs from its competitors. It is possibly the only medical alert system company in the country that develops its own products and operates its own call center as well. It is also the only company that allows you to buy the equipment in lieu of a lower monthly fee. Its innovative business model has helped gain many loyal customers over the last 25 years. The South Jordan, UT, based company is known for exceptional customer service and reliable technology.

Products and Services

Rescue Alert offers a couple of different products that help seniors lead an independent life. Their products and services are available across all 50 states of United States.

Standard Medical Alert System – The basic mechanism of the standard medical alert system is no different from other products in the market. The system comes with a base station that is connected to the traditional land phone line and a power outlet. The base unit has a prominent help button, a powerful speaker, and a sensitive microphone. Seniors can press the help button in case of an emergency. The base unit will establish two-way communication with the monitoring center and an agent will respond within 25 seconds. He will contact emergency services as per your needs and make sure you receive help within minutes. Seniors also get a necklace or a bracelet with the help button. They can wear the waterproof and stylish device at all times and use the button to contact the monitoring center if they are away from the base station during the emergency.Rescue Alert How it Works

The call center is based in the United States. All the agents undergo extensive training and possess the Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) certification like the 911 agents. Unlike some of its competitors, Rescue Alert requires all its employees to know CPR and recognize patient symptoms before ordering assistance. You receive the right help at the opportune time which can make a big difference. The monitoring center is open every day of the year and offers 24/7 monitoring and support which is comparable to most medical alert system providers. The call center also offers interpretation services in 150 different languages for the non-English speakers. This helps avoid miscommunication and everyone receives the help they require. The company has only one monitoring center with no back up. Other companies have more than one call centers.

The range for the base unit is 600 ft. This is ideal for small homes and apartments. While some competitors offer a range of 1,000 ft, others go as low as 250 ft. The system is a mid-range system and works well in most homes. We, however, recommend all consumers to test the equipment range before the final installation.

RA Minders Medication-Monitoring Service – The company also offers a medication monitoring service. Seniors can choose from two different options.

  1. The stand-alone version comes with a medication dispenser that allows you to place 28 days worth of medications in it. The system will beep at a pre-determined time and remind you to take the medication.
  2. You can also go for a medication alert system that offers monitoring. An agent will call you if you do not take the medication within 30 minutes of the designated time. The monitoring system is ideal for seniors who need some extra help. It also gives peace of mind to their loved ones.

Rescue Alert
911 Cell Phone – The company also offers a 911 Cell Phone service to seniors who do not possess a regular cell phone. The small device allows you to call 911 from anywhere with the press of a single button and connects through a regular cell phone provider.

Rescue Alert Cost and Contracts

The medical alert system costs $27.95 per month. As stated earlier, the company develops its own equipment and allows the user to buy the system upfront. The equipment costs $199 and allows you to save $9 to 17 on your monthly bill, depending on your package. If you plan to stay with Rescue Alert for a long time, this is your best option. You can add medical monitoring for an additional monthly fee. The 911 cell phone will set you back by $149. This is a little expensive but some seniors and their loved ones choose the product for the peace of mind it offers. It is important to choose the options carefully to receive the best package.

Unlike some competitors, they do not charge an activation fee. It delivers the equipment for free. There is no long-term contract. You get a refund for unused months for annual payments. However, it does charge a $25 cancellation fee if you choose to terminate the service.

Equipment Quality

Unlike other medical alert system companies, Rescue Alert makes its own equipment. All the products are of the highest quality. The company also invests significant proportion of its revenue on research and development of new products.

Rescue Alert BaseThe base station is attractive and easy to use. The help button is easily accessible. Even seniors with vision problems can see it clearly. The speaker and the microphone are sensitive and powerful. Seniors can clearly communicate their emergency and hear the response agent properly. The bracelet and the necklace are attractive and functional as well. They are lightweight and waterproof. You can opt for a soft touch button if you do not like the traditional help button.

The base station has a back up battery life of 90 hours. This is higher than what most competitors offer. Seniors can rely on Rescue Alert during power outages. The necklace and bracelet also have high battery life. The company also provides automatic battery monitoring. The pendant will alert the monitoring center in case of low battery and the company will send you the replacement automatically.

Rescue Alert also offers automatic testing of its equipment. Unlike some medical alert system companies that want the users to test the system periodically, Rescue Alert equipment sends a test signal to the monitoring center once every 25 days. If the company does not receive a test signal in that time frame, a service agent will attempt to contact the senior three times to make sure the individual is in good health and the equipment is working well.


The base station of the Rescue Alert usually connects to a traditional land phone line. However, it is one of the few products that work with voice over Internet (VoIP) phones. This can be a big determining factor in today’s world as traditional phone lines are decreasing in number.

The company does not offer professional installation. However, it comes with a set of instructions that are easy to implement. Rescue Alert’s service representatives are always available via phone to help you with installation.

Unlike some other providers, Rescue Alert does not charge an installation or activation fees. It also offers a 30-day free trial. You can cancel the system if you do not like the service or the equipment.

Customer Service and Feedback

Rescue Alert is good with customer service. You can talk to them over the phone 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. You can also email them and expect a response within 24 hours. You can download their brochure from the website and even order the product online. The Better Business Bureau issued an A+ rating to the Rescue Alert because they have not received any complaints within the last three years.

Rescue Alert Review Summary
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The Good

•Rescue Alert is the only medical alert system company that develops its own equipment and operates its own call center within United States.
•It offers standard medical alert system and medication monitoring system.
•There is no long-term contract. You can cancel anytime. You also get a 30-day free trial.
•You can save money each month by buying the equipment upfront.
•All the monitoring agents are EMD certified.

The Bad

•The base station has a range of only 600 ft. This is less than some of the other companies. If you live in a big house with physical obstacles, your service may face some interruptions.
•It does not offer smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detection.
•It does not provide mobile alert systems and auto fall monitoring as well.
•The company charges a $25 cancellation fees.

Our Guidance

Rescue Alert is one of the most trusted names in the industry. It offers medical monitoring and standard medical alert systems only. However, the company does not outsource equipment development or call response. The base station has a decent range but you do not receive auto fall monitoring and smoke alarm. Your choice will depend on your budget and requirements. There are other products in the market as well. Learn more about them before making your purchase.

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