The importance of having a medical alert system can’t be overstated. Knowing help is just the push of a button away can give all involved peace of mind. Often calls to an emergency response center such as Life Alert results in paramedics rushing to help. In other cases the emergency can be handled by a close neighbor or relative followed by a healthcare provider visit later. In cases where the immediate emergency has been handled but a doctor visit is required to address the underlying condition, like dizziness from medication, someone will need to take you or your loved one to the doctor.

non emergency transport vanTransportation for a healthcare visit at anytime can be a burden on loved ones who often have to work during normal business hours. In many circumstances seniors are not able get themselves to their appointment. Thankfully there are state agencies and private companies that provide non-emergency medical transportation. Medicaid or private health plans often pay for this service. The table below is a great resource for finding medical and Medicaid transportation services.

Location Name (Click Here for More Info) Type
Many Medicaid Benefits: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services Non-Profit Organization
Many Logisticare National Company
Many MTM Inc National Company
Alabama Alabama Medicaid Agency’s Non-Emergency Transportation State Agency
Alaska Medicaid Non-Emergent Travel Program State Agency
Arizona FAQs for Non-Emergency Transportation State Agency
Arkansas Arkansas Medicaid State Agency
California Senior Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (SNEMT) Program State Agency
Colorado Non-Emergent Medical Transportation State Agency