mobilehelpMobileHelp’s ethos is “independence and peace of mind”. The Boca Raton based company prides itself on its medical alert system that functions no matter where a senior citizen is at the time of his emergency. Indeed, MobileHelp’s technology is quite advanced compared to other alert systems because it provides emergency assistance both inside and outside of the home giving it a clear advantage over older systems such a Life Alert.

Monitoring Features

While most medical alert systems require a base station that is tied to a traditional land phone line, MobileHelp uses cutting edge technology. It operates with GPS tracking that keeps tabs on senior citizens no matter where they are. This means that seniors who suffer falls or other emergencies while outside of the home will still be able to obtain the assistance that they need in their time of crisis. Such technological assistance liberates seniors to take long walks, go shopping, head out to the lake and do a multitude of other activities outside of the house. This is quite empowering for seniors who have spent most of their time depressed and indoors out of a fear of not being able to find help in case they face an emergency and are away from their home phone.

All in all, MobileHelp offers two medical alert systems and new fall detection technology.

  1. Cellular DUO is a GPS based system providing monitoring without a landline phone. It is two systems in one; a base station and mobile device that work with a wrist button or pendant.
  2. Cellular Classic is a medial alert system designed for seniors who lack a home telephone line. Cellular Classic is MobileHelp’s more traditional style medical alert system. Yet the vast majority of MobileHelp users opt for a GPS enabled cell phone because it can pinpoint the senior’s physical location at the time of his emergency.
  3. Fall Button that is compatible with the cellular base station and costs an additional $10 per month. Its waterproof design allow it to be worn as a pendant in the shower.

mobilehelp_fallbuttonWhen disaster strikes, the company’s M-PERS technology kicks in. This acronym stands for Mobile Personal Emergency System. Basically, when a senior needs help, he utilizes the GPS enabled phone or presses his fall button and MobileHelp’s GPS determines where the senior is at the time of his crisis. The GPS technology works across the entire continental United States plus Hawaii and Alaska. No competitor can match this unparalleled level of service.

If the fall or accident occurs inside of the home, the senior can utilize his pendant that triggers the wireless connected base station to auto dial MobileHelp’s monitoring center. A representative will come on the line and speak with the senior through his base station’s speaker and microphone.

Other Features

Aside from the emergency cell phone, pendant and base station, there is also MobileHelp’s Caregiver Tools. This is a state of the art online event notification and monitoring system for seniors, their families and helping hands. It is basically a set of web enabled tools that let customers access their MobileHelp medical alert system account online. There, they can look at billing, updates, MobileHelp notifications and GPS tracking related information. There is also a fall button device but it doesn’t work all of the time and costs an extra $10 per month.


Not many competing medical alert providers can compare to the multitude of high tech equipment provided by MobileHelp. The GPS enabled cell phone provided by MobileHelp charges fast and easy and has no trouble connecting to MobileHelp’s help center. It looks like a garage door opener and has only one button on it. When pressed, it communicates to the monitoring center and the representatives can immediately locate the senior citizen through the system’s GPS technology.

Aside from the GPS enabled cell phone mentioned above, the base station can be connected wirelessly and the pendant is lightweight, durable and waterproof. The base station’s design is quite simple with two illuminated buttons, “Help” and “Reset”. Few medical alert systems offer a better base station user experience design. It also has a full 24 hours of backup battery supply. Installation of the base unit is very easy and merely takes a couple minutes.

Customer Service & Support

MobileHelp is based in Boca Raton, Florida and all of its staff is located in the United States. Service is provided to residents of all 50 states. MobileHelp’s emergency monitoring center is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Better Business Bureau has awarded the company with the best possible rating of “A”. MobileHelp makes all of their equipment, which is a rare happening in modern day America. While emergency agents are available around the clock, prospective customers can reach out to sales associates between 9 AM and 5 PM on weekdays. Or, head to the MobileHelp website and you can e-mail a representative. The company also has regularly updated and monitored Twitter feeds and Facebook pages that customers can read and interact with.

Pricing, Value, Contract & Fees

MobileHelp’s medical alert system costs $36.95 per month on the annual plan. Customers can choose from a multitude of payment plans that best fits their budgets. There is a fall button device that costs an extra $10 per month. While the monthly price is higher than competitors, MobileHelp provides a 30 day guarantee, does not force customers to sign a contract and also does not force them to buy any equipment. Yet there is an activation fee. Prospective customers can have a free brochure sent to their homes by requesting it (or downloading it) on the MobileHelp website.

MobileHelp Review Summary
  • Monitoring Features
  • Other Features
  • Equipment
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Pricing, Contract & Value



  • MobileHelp’s GPS monitoring service is leaps and bounds ahead of most competitors.
  • There is no contract, no hidden fees and no equipment to purchase.
  • Aside from the GPS enabled cell phone, there’s also support provided by way of a wearable pendant that connects to a help center through the home’s base station.
  • This is the only FDA registered and recognized mobile medical alert system on the market.
  • Cons

  • The service is higher priced that most competitors.
  • The service does require an activation fee.
  • There’s not a wide variety of additional services besides the GPS phone and pendant/console. There’s no voice extender for the base unit, nor is there a carbon monoxide or smoke/fire detector.
  • There is an available fall button but it costs $10 extra per month and according to the MobileHelp website, it does not detect 100% of falls.
  • Our Guidance

    MobileHelp offers a medical alert system with unparalleled technology. Its easy to use cell phone can be tracked no matter where the senior is on America’s map. Yet its lack of special features and fairly high monthly cost prevents MobileHelp’s medical alert system from becoming the best in the industry.

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